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Net2Apps is a leading SAP Successfactors and ServiceNow firm which specializes in configuration and integrations with 3rd party platforms.

What We Do


Our team not only has the certifications in SAP SuccessFactors but also the experience. We have been configuring the SAP SuccessFactors system for over five years and worked on over 100 implementations.

While configuration and integration are important, without data you do not have a completed system. And too often data migration is not given a priority and causes a delay. With our Data Migration methodology, we actually do migration four times (Iteration 3, UAT, Parallel and Prod) using an ETL tool and a dedicated migration instance. This way data migration is a visible part of the project activities and the data migration team becomes familiar with the system configuration and understand where country specific data extraction and conversion rules are needed.



Our team has completed over 300 integrations between SAP SuccessFactors and other third party systems. We support multiple Integration Platforms such as CPI (SAP Cloud Platform Integration), Boomi or Azure. In additional we do have pre-packaged integration templates for all the major systems that are normally integrated with SAP SuccessFactors and ServiceNow. 

Our team has configured multiple instances over many verticals. We will evaluate your configuration and integrations with some of the best practices out there. We will simplify your process so there is less human intervention and automate existing processes to gain process efficiencies.




Net2Apps started in 1999 when founder, Saleem Boghani, saw the potential of a small IT company called FACT Technologies, and decided to acquire the business. Net2Apps started out as an IT service-oriented company, providing reliable and innovative web-related services for numerous individuals and organizations. In 2004, the company expanded when it decided to acquire ClickFast Technologies, and opened up multiple new products and online services. Now on its 20th year in business, Net2Apps continues to help hundreds of clients from all over the world.

Each member of the Net2Apps leadership team has over 20 years’ experience in IT with at least 10 experience in Human Resources systems and operations. Specific to the SAP SuccessFactors product suite and in the implementation of cloud solutions, we have worked on over 100 implementations and developed over 300 third party integrations with SAP SuccessFactors. For many of these  third party vendors we also provide seamless connectivity via Single Sign On from SAP SuccessFactors.

While our primary focus is on Configuration, Integrations, and offshore development, our team has expertise in Solution Architecture, project and program management and business/process analysis.

Net2Apps is based in Dallas, Texas, with a large offshore delivery team which provides us with the capability to serve companies across the globe.

Lets have a heart to heart talk over a cup of coffee about your needs and how we can help in implementing your SAP Successfactors and ServiceNow instance.

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